10 Reasons to visit Tanzania

There truly is something to suit every kind of holidaymaker in Tanzania. From incredible game reserves teeming with wildlife to glorious beaches, luxurious accommodation and incredible culture and food. Here are just 10 reasons why you should think about spending your next holiday there.

1. The Great Migration

Africa is full of amazing wildlife experiences but one of the most spectacular to witness is the Great Migration. A once in a lifetime experience and on the bucket list of many a traveller to Africa, none can surpass this incredible spectacle: a million wildebeest crossing the plains of the Serengeti in search of fresh grass while braving predators and perilous river crossings.

2. Mount Kilimanjaro

Located in North Eastern Tanzania, Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and can be seen from far into Kenya. The mountain represents a powerful life force for the local Chagga people and all those who have made their lives around the mountain, providing rich volcanic soils for agriculture and an endless source of pure spring waters. 75,000 people climb Kilimanjaro every year so it is not the most untouched mountain, nor is it the most arduous, however it is still an awe inspiring sight to behold and highly recommended for anyone with even a vague interest in mountaineering.

3. Zanzibar

What better way to round off a safari adventure through Tanzania than to spend some time relaxing in Zanzibar on one of its beautiful white sand beaches. Known as the “Spice Island”, Zanzibar has brought visitors from other lands since time immemorial - Persians, Chinese, Arabs, Indians and many more have all sailed their vessels into Zanzibar's harbour over the centuries, bent on trade and sometimes plunder. Make sure to visit Stone Town to explore its spice markets and superb Arabic architecture. If diving is more your thing then learn to dive at one of the many dive centres the local resorts boast - the waters around the island are very clear and host a huge diversity of marine life.

4. Experiential Ecotourism & Cultural Experience

West Kili Safaris believe that ecotourism changes the way visitors interact with the wilderness and local communities whilst on an ethnic holiday in Tanzania. Guests are encouraged to experience Tanzania cultural tours of local villages, farms, and sustainable projects. They give a truly authentic Tanzanian experiential safari experience.

  1. The Food
  2. Outstanding Accommodation Options
  3. The People
  4. Wildlife and Birdlife 
  5. The Ngorongoro Crater
  6. The Western and Southern Safari Parks
  7. Chimpanzees in Mahale National Park